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The Napa Wine Shipping company believes in making direct-to-consumer wine fulfillment affordable. Our company does this by providing you a simple online platform for processing wine shipping needs that is less expensive, and at the same time it delivers seamless customer service. 

We know your wine is your passion, so let us offer you a tool to enhance your business practices.

We are Napa County's Self proclaimed... most User Friendly Mobile Wine fulfillment Platform!

Our goal is to be the most cost efficient mobile shipping solution for DTC wine fulfillment in Napa County. The Napa Wine Shipping company accomplishes this by shipping in bulk, so that we can collectively pass along the savings to our clients. 

We take work flow and waiting in lines off your to-do list, which allows businesses like yours to gain traction, save time, and most importantly, save money on wine fulfillment.

Contact Us any time, as we would love to meet you and learn about your wine program!

Summer& Winter Solutions

We will keep an eye out to make sure your wine is not damaged during high heat or extreme cold.

Logistics Services Post Shipment

Sometimes our packages need to be re-routed, stopped, returned, etc. In these cases, we are happy to assist you in dealing with UPS to be sure your package is handled with care even after it has left us.

Shipping Logistics

Shipping with us is easy!
We get you tracking information, and allow you to easily print your shipping labels should you want to self-fulfill.


We buy in bulk from our vendors, which allows us to offer the lowest prices you will find on wine shippers, totes, and other industry needs.

We Make in house Shipping
Easy as 1-2-3!
Here's How It Works...

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1.) Request an account.

Simply request an account by filling out the account request form. We review all new requests within 24 hours. After your account request has been approved, you will have the ability to Ship Now and print labels to ship on demand.

2.) Place an order.

Ordering is easy! After setting up an account, you simply navigate to the Ship Now link in the Menu, select number of bottles your customer is recieving, add their address, and check out!

Home Screen Vid
Click Image to See Video
Home Screen Vid
Click Image to See Video

3.) Just Print and Ship

Shipping orders is even easier! Simply Print your order, then apply it to your customer's package, and bring it to any UPS drop off location! Additionally, we offer white glove services: contact us directly to schedule a winery pick up. (Additional service fees apply.)

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We got answers!
Shipping has never been easier.
just set up an account and start fulfilling your orders!

We charge $19.99 per month for access. This is a membership fee that enables you private and direct access to your own company shipping portal online.

It is well known that shipping fees vary by state, and most shipping companies provide rates to customers based on state or shipping zone.

We offer live, negotiated rates updated by the millisecond by UPS. You will always find the cheapest most reliable rates directly linked to the UPS API.

We all know sometimes customers give us the wrong address. We will manage tracking down the order and updating for you.  However UPS charges $20.00 per address change after a package has been shipped. 

Yes! We do our best to make getting your wine to your customer easy. Above all, our goal is to provide Napa Wine Businesses with a tool that produces group savings on shipping fees, as well as time, by streamlining efficiencies in your post-purchase delivery operations.

No. Unfortunately, we are only permitted work with ABC-licensed Napa Valley based businesses with active liquor licenses. This enables us to ship as a 3rd party logistics partner in which we process all shipments using our licenses.  We are happy to discuss any specifics further. Just contact us!

As soon as you select the box size and check out, you can immediately print the label and ship.


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